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Our awesome services

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Fuel Industry

 At MCA fueling industries are taken into severe safety measures, since fuel industry requires   

Automation Systems

MCA is #1 qualified in Automation Systems especially in Industries. 

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection at MCA is always a life-time solution for you underground/water tanks or pipe

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

MCA 's engineering department provide your industry or home with all electromechanical works.

Sound Treatment

Acoustic solutions or Sound Systems can be provided by MCA.

ATEX Products

ATEX products are mainly known as Explosion Proof products provided by MCA


MCA soon proved to be an expert in industrial control and protection. M.C.A. gathers now, in its new offices, an efficient team attentive to the various needs of the clients. Being dedicated to the success of your projects, M.C.A. takes particular interest in every single study. With our local presence, you can count on our ultra industrial solutions. With our national network, you have access to a variety of products ATEX and Non-Atex products for all provided services by MCA.